Still Facebook free!

So it has been one week since my vow to break the Facebook habit and I can honestly say it has been fabulous! Much a like an alcoholic I have thought about my little addiction often and been tempted to reactivate my account multiple times but thankfully I recognize my sickness and have pushed through […]

The social media cleanse

Not long after its inception I became an avid Facebook user. Since then I have checked it religiously, enjoying the daily updates from friends near and far. I’ve revelled in their adventures and felt their heartbreak. I’ve enjoyed reconnecting with childhood friends and getting to know family members I hadn’t grown up with. Largely, my […]

Does this straight jacket make me look fat

I’m considering adding to my wardrobe. A lovely new jacket with a lot of staps and buckles. All white with the trendsetting design of arms in the back. It’s from the newest collection aimed at mothers of teenagers and entrepreneurs sacrificing their savings and sanity in the effort to build a new business. The style […]