Check, please!


Ok, so enough of the pity party- table of one, posts. Check, please!

This site is getting a makeover. Extreme Makeover – Blog Addition! Ooh, ooh, where is that sexy, goofy beast, Ty Pennington?

97% of the time I am happy and content, 3% I am dark and introspective and 100% of the time I am highly opinionated, so I think this blog should reflect that. This is going to be just what the dr. ordered the title suggests, a Rant by a true blue Canadian girl! But have no fear, if my dark side is what you connect with you can still come fall down the rabbit hole with me, right here – The Complexity of Me
That is where I will keep the demons safely chained up. If you are looking to find a raw and bleeding heart see above link. This site, it’s for my take on everything that doesn’t lurk in my head. If you started to follow because of the deep, aching side of me than please follow both blogs to get the real me. The whole and complete/complex picture. It’s a heck of a ride.


5 thoughts on “Check, please!

  1. Hi The way I feel is every one questions them self I know I always do even when it may always look like I know what I’m doing I feel if every one can see this in me they will stop believe in me and I will stop thinking I do not know what I’m doing and that only make’s me questions my self more and that’s when I stop believing in my self, well until next time Hugs and Kisses.

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