Rehtaeh Parsons

I’ve been trying for three days to write this post but I had to keep stopping because of my overwhelming feelings of anger, disgust, sadness and disappointment. A tragedy happened here in Canada, a very avoidable tragedy. Not the first tragedy nor the last but a sad story that’s getting everyone’s attention. A young girl, […]

How many Tweets can a Twit Tweet if a Twit can Tweet Tweets

  I hate Twitter. There, I said it. I find it to be a breeding ground to some of the worst negativity out there. Now, having said that I must admit ……I have three accounts. One is my personal, one is for my company and one is for this blog. I rarely/sporadically update or Tweet […]

What is wrong with people? Attempt #2

Unfortunately, though completely my fault, my previous post lost its intended message in the backstory. I did not intend to write a post about celebrities famous for behaving badly or even to start a commentary on the on the right or wrong of infidelity ( for the record it’s always wrong but that can be […]

Social media brings out the worst social behaviour

  Let me start this off by saying I have never watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills nor am I a country music fan. In spite of these two facts I have become very aware of Brandi Glanville and Leeann Rimes vicious feud. A little back story for those of you blissfully unaware, Brandi […]