I am constantly baffled by the inability of people to accept change in any way, shape or form. Unless you are living in a bubble you are going to have to face change.protective_bubble




Most recently the integration of Syrian refugees and the changing of our national anthem have been the prime examples. One, which entails saving innocent lives is in fact nothing new. Canada has a long, rich, history of helping those seeking refuge. Our country was establish by immigrants and yet I hear people complaining about the influx of “potential terrorists” like we have never welcomed others to this country before. Why the constant fear of the unknown? Why the utter lack of empathy? As I’ve pointed out to the few foolish enough to go toe-to-toe with me on this, if it were your family who’s lives were at immediate risk would you not want someone to help? Would you not want to be able to take your family to safety and expect your fellow man to offer a life-saving hand? You are more likely to die at the hand of someone you know than at the hands of terrorists. You are 5,882 times more likely to die from medical error than terrorism. Do you stop interacting with every other person you know? Do you stop going to the doctor? No, of course not; so why are we so panicked about this perceived threat? Well, the media of course. Every time we turn around the media has a new bone to chew on and is viciously shaking the hell out of it. Crooked, killer cops! The sun will give you cancer! Obesity kills! Terrorist everywhere! scary newsThese stories take the truth and turn it into an all-consuming horror story. According to the media it is a miracle we make it through to the end of each day without becoming the victim of some catastrophe. No wonder people just want to stay surrounded by the familiar and maintain the status quo. Everything is out to get us…or so we’re told. The reality is, you will most likely get through the day/week/month/year/lifetime without ever falling victim to terrorism. You may pass a Syrian-Canadian on the street and the experience will have no adverse effect on our life at all. You will be fine. Repeat after me…I – will-be-fine. Now go on with your day. Or better yet, make an effort to do something nice for a stranger and actually improve the world.

Now this nonsense about or national anthem…(taking a deep breath)…GET THE HELL OVER YOURSELVES! The change is minimal! It will now reflect the contributions of women in our military-as it should- and you will survive this! Canadian-ForcesSeriously people, this  version of the song has only been the official version since 1980.Thats’s right, 36 bloody years. I have been alive longer than this version has been the standard. It isn’t the original nor is it even the second, third or fourth version. Don’t believe me, read about it here.  We can get through a slight lyric change in our anthem. Instead of  moaning about it, lets celebrate that we live in a country where every member is valued and appreciated. Let’s be thankful we have rights, and no war-torn lands. Let’s all think about how fabulous it is that we have government that we can voice our opinions to without fear of public execution. Let’s SING THE NEW DAMN SONG AND BE PROUD OF IT!

Is that so much to ask for?


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