The little protest that was


So I’ve been on strike. I wasn’t protesting for higher wages. I wasn’t picketing my workplace. I…..well I wasn’t writing. I was avoiding my blog the way you would avoid jumping into a kiddie pool full of razor blades while buck naked. Why, you may ask, -and even if you don’t I will tell you,-I was fighting to keep my writing for me. I was taking a stand, even if no one noticed. I needed to allow myself to love writing and enjoy expressing myself. If I wrote everyday because I wanted followers and I filled my blog with drivel (it was happening) then I would lose what writing gave me. I would miss out on that feeling of birthing an idea and the rush of finding the right words to bring it into the world. I will be honest, it was purely selfish and I love that. I needed to walk away, briefly, to take charge of this and bring it back to where I wanted it to be. The upside is that I don’t have a huge following so there was no backlash and most likely no one cared. I did though. I knew what I was doing and the message I was sending. I was reclaiming something I love, now, not after I write more crap that I can’t feel good about hitting “publish” for.
And it felt gooooooooooood.


11 thoughts on “The little protest that was

  1. Good for you girl! Although I have to admit, I quite enjoy reading anything you write (even the “crap”!) it shows your strength of character. You have always been a brave character, standing firm in who you are as an individual with integrity. I applaud that!

  2. Hi CG! The headline of the post caught my eye, it threw me of my first suspicion of a protest for human rights, and it was a post I could relate to. I’ve gone a whole month without writing when I felt I was on the verge of posting ‘crap’ or seemingly repetitive content. It’s allowed. Like you I’m conscious of the no. of followers but to be quite honest you’ll never know when that one post would send your subscriptions surging. Keep at it, keep it honest and original, just the way we like it 🙂 On that note, welcome back! I better go start on my Liebster blog post! Thanks again

    • Hey! Thanks for your input. I think being true to ourselves has to be our top priority. It’s one thing to put yourself out there with a post that makes you uncomfortable with its honesty and another to put up a post that shames you by being shallow or written just hoping to get more followers. Im trying to keep it genuine.
      Have fun with your Liebster post!

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