Screw Polite, Let’s Talk !

Recently I had a “discussion” with someone I hold very dear, about politics. Now, we have had many intense, intelligent discussions on various topics over the years and I have really loved those moments. On this one day though, it went awry. The loved one became overly agitated and stormed out. I was devastated; angry […]

Cupcake cutie not so cute

I have never shied away from taking the unpopular stance on things and today is no exception. There is a video making the rounds on social media that has everyone saying, ” aw, how cute!” . Everyone except me. While most see a charming little guy arguing with his mother about why he should get […]

Love, life and the Olympics. The year the IOC lost site of it all.

I love the Olympics. I love the competition, the unity, the sporting, the pomp and pizzazz! I hate that the IOC has allowed it to be tainted. Yes, I know that there is an argument against the Olympics as a whole but for me it is an example of what can be achieved through hard […]