Still Facebook free!

So it has been one week since my vow to break the Facebook habit and I can honestly say it has been fabulous! Much a like an alcoholic I have thought about my little addiction often and been tempted to reactivate my account multiple times but thankfully I recognize my sickness and have pushed through the dt’s and the twitching because after all I am fighting the good fight. The fabulous part comes from all of the other things I have accomplished since kicking my dirty little habit, like actually reading books again. No more gorging on news feeds and timelines, I’m feeding my brain with literature again! I’m also writing – a lot. Here, on my other blogs, in my journal…everywhere but social media. And it feels good! I’m also reading more blogs, ones that I “follow” but had long since neglected and I’m discovering how much I love them and interacting with fellow writers all over again. I have discovered that I have a led a very sheltered life and that many of my thoughts and writing ideas are not terribly unique…but that’s for another post. 😳
I had an enlightening conversation with a friend yesterday, she asked if I had seen a particular post on Facebook and I said no and reminded her of my dramatic break-up. I jokingly said, ” It just goes to show how often you look at my profile since you didn’t realize it was gone.” Her response was, ” Why would I? I talk to you constantly, I see you all the time and if there is something important in either of our lives the other one is instantly involved. I get to spend time with the real you why do I need your Facebook?” She was right. Our lives are entwined in a way that can’t be accomplished through a website. She knows the ins and outs of my ups and downs. I am blessed to have many friends that I can call on for love, laughter and support. I have family that I adore and who always make me feel safe and loved. Why would I ever need more than that? Quite simply – I don’t.
Now, need and want are two totally different things so we’ll see if this break-up lasts. If nothing else I may enter back in to the fray with an all new/ healthier perspective…but not right now.


See, I’m not alone in this.”


2 thoughts on “Still Facebook free!

  1. Congratulations on your withdrawal. The hardest part about breaking away from FB I notice, is a lot of people will look at you like somethings wrong with you when you tell them you left. No one else seems to see the drag FB can add to their life. Even if you do go back, keep your break-up fresh in your mind & you probably won’t fall back into the same routine. FB can NEVER replace real friends, family or a good book. Thanks for sharing & good luck!

    • Thank you. It’s amazing the hold it can take on your life. I found myself constantly checking it, wondering who had posted what and sharing every moment of my own life on it. Ridiculous really, but oh so fun…..dang it!

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