I know, I know…New Year’s resolutions are a cliché. People roll their eyes at them and question why people make them only to break them soon after. I say, if you are taking a moment to pause and reflect on who you are and who you want to be than it’s always a good thing. It’s better if you do it all year long, constantly striving to be a good/better person, but if it takes a bright and shiny new year to get you thinking – so be it! It’s much better to try and strive for improvement, even if the outcome isn’t exactly what you wanted, than to never try at all.
So make your resolutions proudly! Maybe even resolve to be more self aware, honest and kind with/to yourself. Admit when you are wrong and change what it is that may be holding you back but cut yourself some slack for not being perfect – no one is.
Happy New Year!

2015 resolutions:

1.Think before I speak
2.Write more
3.Cut the social media addiction
4.Be kinder to myself
5. Enjoy what I have



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