My writing has multiple personality disorder


A few months back I started my second blog, The Complexity of Me (wow, I am terrible at titles), and it was my intention to use it to explore my dark times and my battle to get through them. I wanted to keep this blog here a little more…light. No, not light…not as dark, maybe? Does the difference make sense to you? I want to discuss important issues here when need be but maybe not the deep dark ones that lurk in the very depths of my mind. I want to discuss things that rile me up but not the ones that tear me apart. The distinction was/is important to me. I want to have interesting and sometimes funny posts on this blog and not have them feel awkward or out of place following one where I discuss my issues with depression. I need to have my happy moments and my agony riddled moments separate in my writing because, while each is a very true part of who I am, it felt like they would devalue each other if placed together in a blog. I don’t think this comes from a place of denial since I am very open and honest about all facets of my personality. Nor does it come from a desire to write for you as the ones reading my blogs instead of  from the heart. I just need to have a place to be happy when I am, and sad when I can’t help it. I need the distinction in my writing that I can’t always find in my day-to-day life. Oh how nice it would be to say, “Nope sorry, I can’t be sad here; this is my happy place.” It would be nice but it isn’t reality. So I will keep my “Rantings” and my “Complexity” (geez, I really need to work on titles), separate entities that co-exist but work better apart. I shall call them – divorced personalities.


2 thoughts on “My writing has multiple personality disorder

  1. At least by separating your personalities, you get to find out which of your attitudes is most popular. See which blog gets & maintains the most followers.

    Good Luck to you. I hope you’ll have many more post on your light side then on the dark.

    • Thank you. I want people to embrace all facets of my writing though. The dark is as much a part of me as the light and when I write from there it’s often where I need the most love and support. Happily, I realized how rarely I do write from sadness as there are so few posts. Sadly, I think I prefer the writing that comes from there. Ah, my twisted little mind…

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