Screw Polite, Let’s Talk !

Recently I had a “discussion” with someone I hold very dear, about politics. Now, we have had many intense, intelligent discussions on various topics over the years and I have really loved those moments. On this one day though, it went awry. The loved one became overly agitated and stormed out. I was devastated; angry […]

Encouraging your kids to think

Raising kids is such a daunting task at times. You want to do what’s right and to raise good, strong, moral future adults. There are so many books, magazines, online articles and fellow parents giving advice that it can get quite confusing. That is why I never listened to any of it. For me, raising […]

Cupcake cutie not so cute

I have never shied away from taking the unpopular stance on things and today is no exception. There is a video making the rounds on social media that has everyone saying, ” aw, how cute!” . Everyone except me. While most see a charming little guy arguing with his mother about why he should get […]

They will be loved

There really isn’t anything quite as painful as feeling like you are disposable, insignificant and easily forgotten within your own family. I have lived with that feeling my whole life. Cast out at 15 and then vilified. Accused of things I never did and sent packing out into the big scary world. I survived and […]