We all need a bang to the noggin.

Why are women so eager to tear each other down? Society as a whole does that enough so why, as a woman, participate? Yesterday I was reading all of the backlash over Amy Schumer’s new movie ‘I feel Pretty’ and I was appalled. The premise of the movie is that a woman with deep insecurity issues falls in the gym, hits her head, and when she gets back up she views herself in a much more appreciative light. She feels pretty! Cute, quirky…offensive? The beef people have with it stems from the fact that Schumer is white, blond, privileged and not exactly a large woman. So? Are they trying to say that women who fall into these categories don’t have self esteem issues? Are they saying that women who do succumb to the ridiculous pressures of society but possess any or all of those attributes are not entitled to their feelings and should be scoffed at? What exactly are these women angry at? I saw the trailer and thought it was funny. I viewed it as a commentary on how women need to give our heads a shake and stop believing that if we don’t fit a certain mold we should rush right out to get surgery, injections, laser treatments and a gym membership. The beauty standards are constantly changing and always ridiculous so how exactly can any woman feel perfectly happy as she is when we can never meet these impossible standards. When I was a teenager we worried our butts were looking fat in our jeans and envied the skinny girls. Now women pay thousands to have their bootys injected with fat that was suctioned from a less desirable location on their bodies. We are told we should have tiny waists in spite of the fact that hormones, child birth and stress, all send fat to just that location. Clearly nature doesn’t know what’s up. Flawless skin is something only babies have but women are expected to spend overwhelming amounts of money chasing that dream. Creams, masks, lasers, injectables, microdermabrasion, facials, plumpers, the list goes on and on. Our teeth should be pearly white and our bodies completely hairless…what could be more natural than that. Our hair is expected to be full and flowy with natural (looking) highlights and our nails perfectly manicured in whatever the latest shape and colour is dictated. We are expected to hit the gym on a regular basis but not become too muscular and masculine. Perfectly reasonable, right?

So when I see Amy Schumer dancing with glee down a street because her character feels attractive or shouting that she’s beautiful in a bathroom mirror I’m not going to be offended; I’m going to admire that and strive for that level of self love. I’m going to instead feel offended by society making me feel like I’m not pretty enough, thin enough, or flawless enough. I’m going to feel offended every time I see a person, man or woman, judging someone’s looks. We all need a smack to the head to hit the reset button and shake free from the detrimental messages society sends us. We all need to feel pretty.


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