Screw Polite, Let’s Talk !


Recently I had a “discussion” with someone I hold very dear, about politics. Now, we have had many intense, intelligent discussions on various topics over the years and I have really loved those moments. On this one day though, it went awry. The loved one became overly agitated and stormed out. I was devastated; angry and worried. I detest when two people can not agree to disagree and respect one another for it. This was so out of character for this person, who later came back and explained they were just having a terrible day and loves our debates, that it really threw me for a loop and I posted a status on Facebook- minus details- and was told not once but twice, that politics are best left out of polite conversation. What?! I have a very strong reaction to that sentiment. I get, some people shy away from confrontation and will actively avoid situations where they might become involved in one but if ever there was a topic that we should all be passionate about it is the governing of our country. We need to be talking about these things! By all means voice your opinion on whether Kim Kardashian should be plastering her baby oil covered posterior all over the internet. (Ew!) By all means tell us how upset you are that Honey boo- boo has been cancelled. Life is too stressful not to have an outlet that is simply guilty-pleasure all the way. I’m not judging anyone on that. If you check my browser history you will see that TMZ is one of my favourite time wasters. All I’m saying is that there needs to be balance. You need to be informed on the important topics as well. Yes, politics can seem overwhelming. Yes, it can seem like too much to comprehend at times but it is only when we all give up and just assume that the powers-that-be are doing the job correctly and that they have our best interests at heart, that we have lost everything.

When I have made raised the idea of corruption in our government I have heard the term “conspiracy theory” brought up in a derisive tone. Why? Why would anyone dismiss the idea that a politician or political party may not hold the most virtuous ideals? Why would anyone doubt there could ever be ulterior motives behind a leader’s actions. They are people too. We all can agree there are good people and bad people in this world; to put it in the most simplistic terms. Why then, are some so hesitant to believe that our government may not be what it seems? Why are some so reluctant to discuss the possibility? Why are so many content to just bury their heads in the sand and refuse to believe anything but what the media spoon feeds us in the daily headlines? Why, because we as a society have become lazy. I once read an article about a study that determined the vast majority of people now only read the headline and the first paragraph of an article. Beyond that they skim, looking for words that jump out at them. How often have you ever read an article because of the headline and realized the headline was completely misleading? It happens all the time. The headline is catchy and sensational even when the story isn’t. There is no impartial media anymore, there are only money-making headlines. Far too often these money-makers have no truth or skewed truth in them. Stories are manipulated to catch your interest and keep you watching in order to bring in the advertising money or in the darkest of examples, to feed the agendas of the powers-that-be behind the scenes.
It may all seem like too much for us to fight, so better to just ignore it, but that is exactly what we shouldn’t do. We need to challenge what we are being told. We need to question everything. We need to discuss the important topics and to speak our minds. We need to encourage our children not to be sheep but to be active participants in their own destiny.

Not everyone needs to be an activist but everyone needs to have an intelligent and informed opinion. Everyone needs to speak up and not just blindly follow. Screw polite! Let’s talk about the issues!


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