Oh Canada…

Life got busy so blogging got left behind. It wasn’t alone though, I don’t remember the last time I read a book. All of my little guilty pleasures have fallen by the wayside lately.
However, I needed to get this out. I have taken moments to vent on Facebook but this is the first time I’ve really sat down to vent on my blog. Why now? Because I am scared. Scared for my family, myself and my country. I have been watching everything that I have held dear; everything that we, as a nation, have held up as our ideals for so long being stripped away. I am a fiercely proud Canadian but I see my beloved country being changed without any input from those that live here at all. In fact there has been complete disdain and disregard for what the people of Canada want. We stand by helplessly as everything that made our country great is destroyed; our role as peacekeepers and environmentalists, our healthcare and education systems, our environment, our economy and our very role on the world stage. No votes are taken, no answers given, no care for what we as citizens want. Back door deals have been made, aggressive action taken with our military, and lie after lie told to us about it all. Worse yet, when our Prime Minister or MP’s are confronted and questioned we are met with arrogant refusal to even acknowledge the questions , much-less give answers. Propaganda abounds in the media and sadly I see people believing it. Like a magician using distraction to fool unwitting audience members, we are shown imagery and told sensationalistic stories in order to draw our attention away from the truth of what our government is doing. As Canadians we have stood by for far too long, impassive and alarmingly apathetic. Happy to believe the status quo will be kept and issues that the rest of the world face such as corruption and the loss of human rights, will not affect us. Like sheep, we follow the herd; completely unaware that it’s the wolves leading us around, preparing us for slaughter.
Aboriginal women are being murdered at an alarming rate and our Prime Minister feels it isn’t a national issue. Our pensions, which people have paid into their entire lives will soon be non-existent. Our health-care is being forced into privatization. Our rights to privacy are being stripped away. Our post-secondary education becoming something only the wealthy can afford. Tax cuts for the rich and the elimination of the middle-classes. The destruction of our environment and the muzzling of our environmental scientists. These and many more issues are what our country face under the current PM.
The scariest part is that by the time we are able to do anything about it (if Canadians manage to wake-up and see clearly), it may very well be too late. Irrevocable damage will already be done. Our once great yet humble country, ravaged beyond repair.
I am afraid. It has even over-ruled my anger at the situation. I am afraid.

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2 thoughts on “Oh Canada…

    • It went from a slippery slope to a complete mudslide in an alarming amount of time. I just hope the majority of Canadians are opening their eyes to it and are ready to take a stand at the election polls. My biggest fear is that it will be too late.

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