Cupcake cutie not so cute


I have never shied away from taking the unpopular stance on things and today is no exception. There is a video making the rounds on social media that has everyone saying, ” aw, how cute!” . Everyone except me. While most see a charming little guy arguing with his mother about why he should get a cupcake in a very adult manner and seeing this as adorable, I see a different story. I see an innocent young child who is used to seeing his mother be talked to in a condescending manner. A child who sees someone talk over top of his mother, dismissing her objections as invalid and irrelevant.
The mother, clearly unaware that she is allowing herself to be disrespected, setting a precedence for her future relationship with her son, records the encounter for the amusement of others. Then, instead of being shocked viewers seem to find this child’s conduct as amusing. Comments about his future as a lawyer etc are added to the video demonstrating how little respect for this mother and her authority there is out there. I think it’s a real reflection on our society when a child is not taught that no means no and to respect rules and boundaries. I also think the fact that a mother not only allows an adult to treat her this way but also a child is a sad testament to how she views herself and her own worth.
Now don’t get me wrong, I recognize how cute the little boy is, as is every child. What I see more strongly though is a boy who will one day grow to be a man and may potentially view women as weaker and to be dominated verbally and possibly physically. A man who may view himself and his wants to be more important than societies rules.
Call me cynical but I vote for skipping the so called cute videos and raise well mannered, respectful children instead.

What the video yourself and draw your own conclusions.
Linda, Linda,Linda


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