The Importance of friendship


image by Natercia Brito

I have occasionally waxed poetic about friendship. We’ll call those moments, Drunken Odes to Girls Night. The simple truth is, having friends is important. I have a core group of friends who I am always happy to be with. They are a diverse group of women that I enjoy immensely and who I know would miss me, genuinely miss me if I died tomorrow. They are the people I call when I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I’m angry, when I need encouragement or to get the praise I need in moments of accomplishment. I have laughed with them, cried with them and have been embarrassed in front of them without worry that I won’t be able to move beyond that moment. My children look at them like they are family and for me, they are. I can truly be myself, warts and all with my friends and know that they will love me no matter what.

In return I would do anything to see them happy, comfort them when they hurt and carry them through when they don’t think they can go on. The way that marriage should have a strong foundation in friendship, so is friendship like a marriage. It can have its ups and downs, it’s annoyances, arguments and even occasional separations but true friendship, like true love, will always survive.

My heart goes out to anyone who doesn’t have good friends. Everyone needs a strong support system. There is joy is being able to be utterly honest without being judged. There is such comfort in knowing if you fall there are people to pick you up and carry you through. It is good for the soul to be there for a friend in her time of need and to ask nothing in return.
If given the choice between riches and true friendships the smart person should always choose the friendships because money can run out but a true friend is forever.

Of course, if there is an option to have both- woohoo! Bahamas vacation on me girls!


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