Love, life and the Olympics. The year the IOC lost site of it all.


I love the Olympics. I love the competition, the unity, the sporting, the pomp and pizzazz!
I hate that the IOC has allowed it to be tainted. Yes, I know that there is an argument against the Olympics as a whole but for me it is an example of what can be achieved through hard work. It is peaceful competition and the fruition of lifelong dreams.

This year, the IOC seemingly turned their backs on all that the Games are meant to represent by awarding a country that allows members of its society to be treated as less than human, the honour of hosting. Men and women who have to fear for their very safety because of who they love are now forced to watch their President puff and preen on the world stage. While the streets become increasingly unsafe for them they witness the man who should ensure their quality of life focus instead on his own image as a power player in the global arena.
Instead he ensured there torment would escalate by passing a law banning “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors,”. This law sends the message that homosexuality is deviant and wrong and children should be shielded from it. Can you imagine how it would feel to be told you are an abomination? To hear that just by existing you are hurting others and that you are on a road to eternal damnation? In a world where rapists, serial killers, pedophiles and other monsters do exist how is it that two people loving each other is considered immoral? Can we please take a step back and ask ourselves, who are they hurting?

It wasn’t so long ago that it was widely considered an unacceptable for two people of different races to marry or even be in love. Divorce was a sin and society would shun you if you dared break your vows. An unwed mother was a harlot and shunned by even her family at times. These concepts may sound shocking now but it was so long ago that they were a reality in Western culture. In some countries around the world they are reality, still. Most of us would scoff at the notion that these are reasons to cast someone out or to take away their rights. Yet so many still regard same sex couples with uneasiness, judgment or even outright hatred. Why? What is so terrible about love?

This is why I am angry at the IOC, they have dragged the ugliness of bigotry into the Olympics. An event meant to draw the world together in a state of peace, devoid of politics or propaganda. So, what can we do?

It has been on my mind constantly. I want to support our athletes who have trained so hard but I want the message sent to Russia that their current political stance is unacceptable. How do we accomplish the feat? Well I think applying pressure to the people that allowed this backward thinking government to be awarded the honour of hosting the Olympic Games is the way to go. Let’s bombard the IOC with letters, tweets, petitions etc. Whatever tools we have available, let’s utilize them. Then let’s put pressure on the media and our government to take a stand. If the IOC is forced to admit their mistake Russia will suffer worldwide humiliation and hopefully be forced to step into 2014 and move forward with the rest of the world.

If you agree with Russia in their stance on homosexuality, ask yourself this- what are you afraid of? If you view it as sin, are you without sin? Instead of worrying about the souls and lives of others first turn inward and ask yourself whether you are doing enough good in your life and where you can improve. Focus on helping others instead of judging and hating. Be kind and leave your mark on this life a loving one.

We are here to heal, not harm. We are here to love, not hate. We are here to create, not destroy. A.D. Williams

Photo credit – David J. Phillip/AP


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