Changing things up a little

I have toyed with the idea of starting a second blog for quite sometime. I would like my blog to have a “feel” or “vibe” if you will. However being the complex, neurotic creature that I am, my moods are mercurial and that has given my blog an inconsistency that I don’t like. My original idea for the was a place to rant but also a lighthearted, fun peek into my crazy, opinionated mind. Things have often taken a turn towards the introspective and I need balance. I need a place to pour out my heart and then rag on the idiocy of celebrities, politicians or strangers on the street but I need them to be two separate worlds. Personal therapy, shall we say.

So, I’m taking my heartfelt posts and porting them over to my newest blog site, the one that will be my open wound. If my thoughts and feelings on parenting, family, depression, love and disappointment interest you please feel free to follow me down the rabbit hole.

The Complexity of Me | A fine site



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