Open Waters


I am a firm believer that life without friends, -good friends, -true friends , is an empty life. Whether it is one best friend who knows your deepest darkest secrets or a group that each may only have pieces of the puzzle but who you can trust and completely rely on.

I have always made friends quickly. I’m outgoing and will strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. Some of these friendships are brief and others have lasted since childhood.

A new friendship to me is like learning to swim. You begin splashing in the shallow waters, having fun! Eventually you make the decision whether to venture into deeper waters. You try it out , sometimes slowly, testing to see if it’s warm enough, other times you dive right in. Sometimes, sharing a little at a time, others, blurting out the most private of information. At times you find yourself uncomfortable and in over your head. You may have revealed something personal and wish you hadn’t. You scramble for shore where you may stay for a while or choose to head to another beach.

There is nothing quite as wonderful as when you meet that friend who you open up to and they to you and it just feels right, like cutting through the water, strong, confident- safe. You are surrounded by that soothing feeling, held afloat, exhilarated and yet calm.

I make the same comparison to people who are not good friend material. They are like polluted waters, inviting on the surface but toxic when you are in there, making you ill ,full of rip tides that can only drag you down if you aren’t a strong enough swimmer to break free.

In life, we each have the opportunity to be both the swimmer and the soothing waters. We each will find ourselves struggling to stay afloat and needing to surround and carry someone we love through, at some point in our lives. Each time the experience may be completely different but it’s always better to wade in than sit alone on the shore.


One thought on “Open Waters

  1. I agree. I make friends very easily, whether they are long term or short term, it doesn’t really matter. I think you are in some peoples’ lives for a reason and when that reason has been accomplished, then you move on. Other people stick around forever which is also great.

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