Life is my inspiration, my struggle


I’m a sensitive person. By that I mean if you hurt, I hurt. If your dog hurts, I hurt. If some child in a foreign country on the television is struggling, I am devastated. I’m empathetic to the point of it being embarrassing. I cry easily and often. The last two years have been a real struggle. I have been dealt my fair share of trials and in the utmost of honesty I have had days where I am not sure I can go on. I have struggled to get out of bed. I have dreaded waking up because I know that I have to be strong for the people I love even when I feel like I’m falling apart.

I wish this was a post telling everyone it gets easier. You get through. The truth is….some days you simply survive. I have had a fair share of wine tonight so I may regret this post tomorrow but for tonight I am an open wound and I am laying it bare for the world to see. Life hurts sometimes. Life hurts often. Even the people you see on your Facebook page who seem to have it all are struggling some days and they are looking for that one little sign that it will get better. I know I am lucky. I know what my blessings are. I also know how hard I have fought for each and every beautiful aspect to my life. Yes, there are days when I want to be selfish and just be done with it all. There are moments where I scream at the heavens begging to know why. Then, there is the inevitable moment where I realize it could be worse and I believe it will get better.

My life story hadn’t been a fairy tale. It hasn’t been a Disney movie. It has been filled with incredible highs and soul crushing lows. It has not been a Hollywood fabrication but neither is it a Shakespearean tragedy. It has been a first world struggle and no different or special than the next person’s. It’s life and tonight it is my blog inspiration.


8 thoughts on “Life is my inspiration, my struggle

  1. I know exactly how you feel. I’m overly emotional, too, and don’t even like to watch the news as I end up in tears. xo

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