How many Tweets can a Twit Tweet if a Twit can Tweet Tweets



I hate Twitter. There, I said it. I find it to be a breeding ground to some of the worst negativity out there. Now, having said that I must admit ……I have three accounts. One is my personal, one is for my company and one is for this blog. I rarely/sporadically update or Tweet if you prefer. Instead I am more of a Twitter voyeur. I search people that interest me and then I stalk their tweets and sometimes mentions. I weave in and out of profiles, clicking on people that comment and then through them onto the next person who has caught my interest. I never read their profiles because quite honestly, I don’t care. I read interesting conversations and rarely add my own two cents. It’s like being the proverbial fly on the wall. A true guilty pleasure and a very creepy one at that. I see how personal some people get and how angry, self righteous, indignant and cruel they can be. I see how obsessed some become with celebrities and when these celebrities respond how delusional some people are with their belief that they are now friends. I see so many proclamations of love to famous people and invitations for them to come to individuals homes should they be in the area. It’s amazing how seeing someone on t.v or a movie screen can make someone feel like they know them. The direct access to these celebrities through Twitter heightens this misconception to such an extreme it is sometimes disturbing to see.


I have to admit when I have had some very intense reactions to celebrities myself. After his whole divorce/couch jumping/scientology debacle I found myself disgusted by Tom Cruise and to this day can’t enjoy a film with him in it. Jennifer Aniston who I used to think was such a cutie irritates the hell out of me , LeeAnn Rimes who I never cared about is now a freakshow I can’t stop watching,  Julia Roberts is no America’s sweetheart if you ask me and Chris Brown…..well it’s better if I stop there. All of these opinions were formed on what I think I know about them. Have I ever met them? Nope. Will I ever…unlikely. Does my opinion matter to them at all…..nope. These things hold true for most people and yet they get on Twitter and other social media and because there is a chance the celebrity will see what they are saying they feel there is a connection. They feel like this famous person knows who they are. They believe they have the right to say whatever they want. Some will defend their favourite star in the most fervent and sometimes frightening manner.  Others will attack and issue threats as if they believe such behaviour holds no consequence. It really is a sad commentary on our society. I honestly don’t know why I contribute to this.

So, now I must go and post a link on my twitter account to this post. Cheeky little monkey aren’t I!



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