Yay spring and the return of happiness!


Spring is in the air and the feeling of rejuvenation really resonates with me and where my life is at right now. Recently life took a turn into the darkness but I am feeling- not just seeing- the light now! My family is back on track and our strong bond and the love we have for each other is what carried us through. I have seen the return of my son’s smile! A gift like no other. I have witnessed how fiercely my little crew will fight for one another and how important we are to each other. Lessons have been learned, trust was broken but is now being rebuilt. My love for my husband, who stood strong by my side through everything, has grown exponentially.

I’m not a fool, I know life will always take its ugly turns but getting through these tough times lately has only made me stronger. I will use these trials the next time life gets difficult as an example of what we can accomplish together. I will look at the pain, confusion, despair, anger and hurt and I will see what we have overcome and I will know that we can get through anything.

So, for now, I’d like to set aside the dark introspective posts and have some fun with my blog. Like I stated in my post “the Whole Package“, there are many sides to me and its my blog so you are going to get it all here.

Yay spring! Yay life! Yay getting through the dark! I am celebrating the light right now!


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