Today is a day that is all about life


Today is going to be a day that perfectly symbolizes life. I am going to ” celebration of life” to say goodbye to a wonderful woman who recently died of cancer. I expect it to be a time of tears and laughter but the prevailing feeling will be of loss. The loss of a good hearted person who was always quick to smile and brought so much happiness to a family that desperately needed it.

Then tonight is my birthday party. Yep, the same day. Part of me thinks it may be vulgar to have a good time on the same day we mourn the loss of Betty, and part of me thinks it is what she would have wanted. The party is being thrown for me by my friends and family and I know they have worked hard to put it together. I’m sure if I said we should cancel it they would understand but they would be disappointed as well.

So today I will go and say my goodbyes and celebrate a life and mourn that it has been lost to a terrible disease. Then I will go and celebrate that I have a life filled with love and friendship. I will be thankful for the few short years I knew Betty and the beauty she brought to this world and I will cherish everyone who will be at my party and enjoy every minute I have with them.

Today is a day that is all about life.


2 thoughts on “Today is a day that is all about life

  1. Betty would of been upset if you cancelled a good party because of her, and you deserve to end the sad days happy it’s the way it all way should be.

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