Oh Canada!


Ok, so time to venture out of my own head. I may be a tad cranky so I think a good ole fashioned rant is in order. Kudos if you make it to the end!

When did it become socially acceptable to ridicule Canadians? On American TV we are mocked and demeaned. How I Met your Mother is one of the worst offenders. In movies we are always presented as overly polite morons who live in igloos. I hear daily the Bieber, Nickleback, Celine gripes. Why is One Direction ok but Justin Bieber is the anti-Christ? Why is Green Day to be revered but people threaten to boycott events if Nickleback shows up? Why is Whitney Houston considered a great talent but Celine is mocked endlessly? Am I being sensitive here? I know these people have huge followings worldwide but the jokes seem to be a little more direct when it is one of ours here in the Great White North. I mean if you aren’t a pre-teen to teen then fainting at the sight of the Biebs is a tad creepy but no matter your age give the kid some credit. He has had the courage to get up and do what very few people could and at a very young age. Mocking his baby face, which he has no control over, and ignoring his obvious talent is ridiculous. The nay sayers have to admit, the kid has joie de vivre. He can dance, play drums and carry a tune. Plus the kid has charisma by the boat load.
Nickleback, well sure, their music may not be for everyone and Krueger’s hair is ……interesting. His voice has a distinctive rasp that not everyone may love but do they deserve the intense ire they have received? I have seen other artists in interviews mocking and tearing them down. These guys play their own instruments and in this day and age that is saying something. They write their own songs and its music people relate too. Even if they aren’t your cup o’tea at least give them the nod for doing it and passing over the auto tune.
Don’t even get me started on the talent of Ms. Dion. Like her music or not the power of her voice is undeniable.

Canadians are educated and intelligent. Not dogsled driving, beer swigging hicks who say “eh” and “aboot”. No lie, I actually had an argument with a man from New York who kept telling me we say “aboot”. Even though I repeated “about” multiple times the belief was so ingrained he refused to hear it and in the most condescending manner mocked my Canadian accent. Did I mention he was from Brooklyn.

We Canadians do not all speak French, hunt moose and ride snowmobiles to work. When I was 16 I worked at a convenience store/ gas station on a local highway. One warm June day a car load of Americans pulled up with skis strapped their car. Confused they piled into the store and asked me -I kid you not- how far until they reached the snow. Ah, to have the wit of today back then…….
I just stared dumbfounded in my jean shorts and t-shirt. What do they teach about Canada in their schools? Anything? Is it taught that a Canadian brought the world insulin, pablum and other medical marvels? Does the world know they have us to thank for basketball and lacrosse?

Is it even remembered that in every conflict Canada was involved in we played the role of peacekeeper and while war is not my favourite topic to discuss I am proud of what our men and women in uniform have accomplished.

Maybe we Canuks do not toot our own horns enough so let’s do a little role call. Abbreviated of course because there is just way too much awesomeness that has come out of Canada.
Here are a few Canadians that have left their mark on society in one form or another. I may have dumbed it down a little here.

Ryan Reynolds.
Seth Rogan.
Michael BublΓ©.
Jim Carrey.
Wayne Gretzky.
Michael J Fox.
Kurt Browning
Allannis Morrisette.
Bobby Orr.
Justin Bieber.
Patrick Roy
Paul Tracy.
Celine Dion.
Mario Lemieux
Dan Ackroyd.
Gordy Howe.
John Candy.
Terry Fox
Avril Lavigne.
Rick Hanson.
Keaneau Reeves.
Pam Anderson
William Shatner.
Neve Campbell.
Christopher Plummer.
Kim Cattrall
Donald Sutherland.
Margot Kidder.
Keifer Sutherland.
Fay Wray
Alan Thicke.
Shannon Tweed.
Lesley Neilson.
Jennifer Tilly
Martin Short.
Meg Tilly.
Mathew Perry.
Eugene Levy.
Carrie-Ann Moss.
Rick Moranis.
Catherine O’Hara.
Leonard Cohen.
David Foley.
Stephen Leacock.
Norm McDonald.
Farley Mowat
Lorne Green.
Monty Hall.
Phil Hartman.
Alex Trebek
Raymond Burr.
Rich Little.
Brian Adams.
Paul Anka
Diana Krall.
James Cameron.
Corey Hart.
Jeff Healey
Chantal Kreviazuk.
David Cronenberg
K.d. Lang.
Peter Jennings
Gordon Lightfoot.
Brendan Fraser.
Shania Twain.
Neil Young
The Trajically Hip.
Mike Meyers.
Will Arnett.
The Barenaked Ladies
Jay Baruchel.
Sam Roberts.
Michael Cera.
Ellen Page
Paul Shaffer.
Hayden Christensen.
Nina Dobrev.
Ryan Gosling
Rachel McAdams.
Tom Green.
Sandra Oh.
Russell Peters
Evangeline Lilly.
Anna Paquin.
Corey Haim.
Howie Mandel.
Nelly Furtado.
Cobie Smulders.
Billy Talent.
Rick Fox.
Kristin Kreuk.
Steve Nash.

These are just the ones you may have heard of and a sampling of even that. For a list of the deeper contributions to our world look here:

Inventions – http://www.wondercafe.ca/discussion/social/50-great-canadian-inventions

Authors – http://particle.physics.ucdavis.edu/canadians/authors.html

So the next time you here a crack about Canadians remember this, we are here and we are kicking ass……politely of course.



15 thoughts on “Oh Canada!

  1. I didn’t make it to the end….but I just have to say in the UK we much prefer Canadians to Americans..at least I do and most people I know do. I may be biased as I have some relatives and friends who are over there. Rant away it’s so annoying when people use stereotypes for every thing and I for one like Nickleback! I hate Beiber but then I hate One Direction and most other pop groups that do nothing but try to appeal to teenage girls.
    You keep tooting that Canuk horn…I’ll have to introduce you to Le Clown if you haven’t already seen him on here….he’s a Canadian and proud of it constantly tooting that horn loud and proud! lol

    • Thanks! I am aware of Monsieur Le Clown. I think my blogger badge would be revoked if I wasn’t.
      Side-note, my love of all things Canadian doesn’t translate to a dislike for Americans, just frustration with the lack of “props” we get here. Or more to the point, the mocking we do get. C’est la vie!

  2. Ps- As an American student I can tell you with confidence that: no, we actually learn close to nothing about Canada. No joke. I don’t think I have ever put much thought into it until I read it in your blog but it’s an accurate assessment. πŸ™‚

    • Have I told you how much I adore your honesty? Seriously, you are very….real. I love it! I figured as much in regards to American education on Canada. I wonder if its the same globally. We always seem to be mentioned as everyone’s kid sister. Cute but not to be taken seriously. I do wonder at the mindset of disregarding the closest neighbour to the your country though. I wonder why it’s like that.

  3. Awe, thank you! That is such an amazing compliment. I always think I come across as a big mouth loon so it’s lovely to know that at least one person appreciates it. πŸ™‚

    As for the educational “black out” of Canada…I just don’t know. I was being honest when I said I don’t think that I ever noticed it. Truth be told when a guy in high school moved from New Foundland we all thought he would speak french. So the above statement about that issue was true also in a sense. Mind you, over the years I would say that I am not THAT ignorant anymore I still couldn’t tell you too much about your country’s history (and I am college graduate with a 3.7 GPA lol).

    Are you educated in the ways of American greed and capitalism? If so, I feel sorry for you! πŸ˜‰

    • Big mouth loon? Hardly! I really enjoy your blog.

      We do learn about the U.S here in our public schools. There is history on how we have worked together on everything from trade to war. There is a lot of comparisons made on the differences in our cultures. We aren’t taught your entire history but there is some knowledge of your government and basic concepts of your socioeconomic background. Basically it’s a “know your neighbour” education.

  4. You go girl. All Canadians should be proud of who we are and try to get it out to the rest of the world. And I think that I have found out one of the problems why people think that Canadians are a bunch of people that don’t really know much and don’t put our country in a good light. It is when our political persons make a fool of themselves and the rest of the wsorld thinks that we are all like that and our country is not worth learning about. Just my opinion.

    • I am absolutely a proud Canadian girl! I do wish we had better representation out there. With our current government bordering on dictatorship with their bullying tactics and the could care less attitude it makes us all look like fools for voting them in.

  5. It’s a sad truth that most Americans don’t have a clue about the actual reality of us. I recall receiving a letter from my husband’s sister, one year; she told us that her husband actually believed that we live in igloos, and all the rest of that stuff. I laughed so hard I was crying! I wrote her back… and what I had to say made *her* laugh. I talked about how we were looking for a new igloo because ours was melting and we were running out of snow with which we could fill the holes. I talked about how we had seal races coming up, and about how we often pitted the sled dogs against the seals to see who could move the fastest on the ice. LOL I took all of her husband’s misconceptions about us, and made a huge joke out of them. She laughed so hard! πŸ˜€

    I once had a blog that purposely took such misconceptions and made jokes of them. Canadians who read it laughed and even added their own fun to the mix. Americans who read it took me seriously. One time, after writing a more serious post (I think it was actually about some of the accomplishments Canadians have given to the world) an American came by and told me that I had no idea about Canada or its people. He told me Canada is part of the U.S., and that it’s one big state – not a series of smaller states (which we call provinces LOL). It was hysterical! πŸ˜€

    So, when Americans get all snarky and arrogant, just laugh them off. I mean, they’re so smart they’re convinced we live in igloos…. ROFLMAO! πŸ˜€

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