The time is now


Before it is said, I know that I am Canadian and I champion this as a Canadian blog so I’m sure many people feel that I may have no right commenting on American politics. However, they are our neighbours. I have friends and family there and I never want to have anything happen to them. I have a vested interest, aside from the simple right to my own opinion.

Having gotten that out of the way………

I am in awe of the courage it must be taking for President Obama to take on the gun control issue. Whatever side you are for, it is a daunting task. The opposition is enormous and at times ruthless. He must fear for his very life and for those that he loves and yet he is forging ahead in what he believes in. If only everyone had that level of courage in their convictions. No matter where you stand on the issue you must give him the respect he deserves for standing up to this sure to be long and dangerous fight. War for North Americans is usually fought far from home but this battle will be dealt with right there in their very living rooms. That in itself would be enough to send lesser men scurrying.

What I hope for is that the Pro-gun, Second Amendment supporters see is that the issue is not taking away your rights but protecting them. It isn’t about you having firearms to protect your family and your homestead but from keeping military grade weapons away from those that would harm you. It isn’t saying you can’t use rifles to hunt and provide for your children, it’s saying your children have the right to walk the streets free from fear that a mentally ill person will open fire and kill everyone in the near vicinity, possibly including themselves. It is saying , lets give the police the opportunity to do their jobs and stop madmen with as little to no collateral damage as possible. If a lunatic has a knife or a hunting rifle he may kill. If he has multiple semi or fully automatic weapons he may kill a lot in a short amount of time, making saving these people impossible for the police. How frustrated do you think they feel? By the time they are alerted to the situation the damage is already done.

More than anything I hope the two opposing sides in this debate can come together and see that there is common ground. There is room for compromise. There just isn’t time anymore to ignore and turn a blind eye.


8 thoughts on “The time is now

  1. I’m pro-second amendment. I am, after all, from Texas lol. That being said, I truly don’t see a reason to own assault rifles. For what reason could you possibly need one? This coming from a woman that has handled guns since grade school-no kidding, I was taught to understand and respect their parents firearms from a very young age. We have one in the house for protection. It’s a handgun. Under no circumstances would I allow a military assault rifle anywhere near my home, for any reason.

    I know people (many) that have them, though, and they are particularly up in arms over this particular issue. And yet not one can tell me why a rifle or a handgun would not to the “job” of protection. Why would you need THAT much ammunition to dissuade or even wound an intruder? Where is the necessity in it? I don’t like the idea of government trying to control firearms much, but as long as that it the only type the intend to contain, I don’t see an issue with it.

  2. See now, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Your open minded attitude is exactly what this situation needs. While I am not a fan of handguns simply because of the ease they can be concealed I do appreciate your opinions and views. I think if everyone can discuss this as rationally as you just stated your take on it there can be a happy ending.
    Thanks for weighing in.

  3. Thank you, I like to think I am being rational on this topic. I would have and have never had to use a gun anywhere outside of a shooting range nor do I carry it with me ANYWHERE. But as long as criminals carry weapons I will always see a reason to have one in my home and my son will be taught the same respect for them that I was raised with (kids that are harmed in accidental home shootings are the ones that the parent hides it and never teaches them properly the dangers that come with them).


    And this is the one that throws me. In the incident as Sandy Hook proves, if you have a child that shows agressive or dangerous behaviors, there should be nothing in the house even resmebling a firearm. If Jp ever showed tendancies or a preoccupation with weapons that said handgun would be out of the house so fast! I think owning a firearm comes with a great responsiblilty and that woman dropped the ball.

    • I also grew up in a home with guns since my dad is a hunter. They were always locked in a cabinet and the ammunition stored separately. We were taught guns were not toys and there are precautions needed when around them. When my youngest showed an interest in hunting he had to take hunting and gun safety courses. I fully understand the value of a firearm but like you do not understand why individuals in your country are allowed automatic weapons. Once again, I think there is middle ground on the issue.
      If common spence prevails things will be much safer here.

  4. Automatic weapons are only allowed with a special license. Which takes at least 18 months to get, lawyers and all sorts of hoops to jump through. You are allowed to have semi-auto weapons. Most of the concern these days are with the AR-15 Carbine type of gun. These guns have to have a least a barrel length of 16″. They do come with a clip of 30 rounds. Changing a clip out takes about 1-2 seconds on most any rifle or hand gun. I don’t understand the need to make the mags smaller but so be it. However, I would be in favor of making a “beta” mag available with the special license that is needed for fully auto weapons. Most of us that own the AR-15 enjoy it for target shooting. Most of us are prior military and we enjoy the idea of “reuniting” us with our prior military weapons. These weapons really are not conducive for close combat, or terrorist type conditions. The military has special weapons for this very thing.
    The area I live in cannot not be protected by police, properly. By the time you call 9 1 1, your already broke into and who knows what has happen. I will keep my weapons, a plethora of ammo and keep my family as secure as I can until I can move to a safer area. And even then I don’t see me giving them up. Just my opinion.
    Now I will give you beta mags, folding stocks, plastic guns are areas worth looking into.

    • Again, this type of ,”open to discussion” attitude is needed. Thanks for that Gary! I have missed our debates. I was worried you were offended. I love discussing differing points of view!

  5. Also a quick note. I can show you a rifle that is banned and show you a rifle that is considered to be used for hunting and they are the same gun! One looks like a typical hunting rifle, the other is outfitted to look like a “military type” weapon. Use the same ammo, same size clip. One is scary looking and the other, “normal”.

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