Eat when your hungry


Yesterday, out of the blue my youngest said to me, “Mom, one day we are all going to laugh about how society thought skinny people were so hot.” To which I responded, ” You’re right. If you look back in history what people found attractive has changed wildly. Even in other cultures around the world today the definition of beauty varies.”
That was the extent of the conversation but it did make me wonder if we are on the cusp of change. Isn’t it with our youth that these ideas and concepts evolve. Are kids today getting sick of the pressure to be thin placed on everyone through tv, movies, magazines etc. ? My kids are both very healthy, active boys, neither one has any weight issues so I know this wasn’t the musings of a lazy kid thinking society is picking on him. Maybe it is just time for change. Hallelujah!


Now, I’m not encouraging obesity or an unhealthy lifestyle in any way shape or form but the very idea a starving yourself to conform to society’s idea of beauty is just wrong. Depriving yourself of food is the epitome of unnatural. Not that gluttony is any more natural. If your body is naturally skinny, revel in it! If you were given curves, celebrate them! Allow you, to be you! Maybe, if we take the fascination with being thin out of the equation we can take the fascination with food away too and let it go back to just being a necessity. I know, I know I’m a dreamer. In fact, I dream in chocolate so I know all about food issues, the perpetual dieter that I am has no room to talk.

I’m just hoping it will be different for the next generation.



5 thoughts on “Eat when your hungry

  1. I think happiness is a beautiful thing – the mindset a lot of people are in tends to close them off to a lot of positive experiences. I surround myself with a wide variety of people – I think anybody and any BODY can be beautiful. Good article!

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