Best friends are my bling!


Is there really any value you can assign to friendship? Like, say one of my best friends and her ability to always tell it like it is, be honest when my favourite yoga pants show way too much cottage cheese and suddenly appear with wine and chocolate when I couldn’t survive another minute without them, is she as valuable as ……diamonds?

Or my other bestie -side note ; autocorrect really wanted that to be beastie- the one who says “enough moody blog posts, give me something funny damn it!” Is she worth her weight in gold?

Or, my sista from anotha motha- yep I’m hip like that- who threatens me with physical violence when I get too self deprecating, isn’t she a better investment than a mansion in Beverly Hills?

Can there ever be a monetary value to what my girlies bring to my life? Honestly, I can live without diamonds, gold or mansions but I can’t imagine life without my awkward, unexpected, drunken New Years lap dance curtesy of …….well lets just leave her nameless. Or the assurance that my spasmodic flailing looks just like the Zumba moves I’m attempting and not like a grand mal seizure.
Or the quiet patience of the ear at the other end of the phone line listening as I rant about my frustrations which are largely due to lack of sleep and overly tight jeans, a result of massive bloating.

When I’m down they pick me up. When I’m pissed they can make me laugh-a lot of people should be thankful for that gift! When I feel like giving up they encourage me to go on ….or they give up with me. Dieting is stupid anyway.

They love my children like their own and that is a gift that is truly priceless. I know that if ever my family was in need, the amazing women in my life would be there in every way, shape or form.
I know they are there for me, even if just to tell me what a dumbass I am being. Sometimes, that’s really all a girl needs.

Of course if they came with diamonds, gold and real estate I wouldn’t complain……..just sayin’.


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