The clusterf*@ck situation in Ontario


If you have children and you live in Ontario, Canada you have an opinion on Bill 115 and how this war between the Provincial Government and the teachers union affects you and your family. If you have paid any attention to the current situation you have an opinion but is it an educated and informed opinion? I hear a lot of emotion in people’s arguments-“the government is infringing on the teachers rights!”-“teachers are spoiled and greedy!” There is definitely passion behind each argument but is there concrete understanding of the facts? I don’t think there is for the most part and I think it boils down to two reasons; media irresponsibility and sheer laziness.

The media should be taking Bill 115 apart piece by piece and explaining its meanings and subsequent ramifications to the general public so that we, as a whole, can form our opinions with true knowledge of the situation. Instead we get sensationalized quotes, bold headlines and personal opinion. Isn’t the media’s job to keep us informed? It seems more and more the goal is to keep us entertained but essentially in the dark.

However, the blame can not rest solely on the media, we have access to the Bill and to many resources to help us decipher it. Most people can’t be bothered. It’s just easier to watch or read the news, take from it what feeds our initial reaction and stick with that. You feel undervalued and underpaid at your job, well then to you, the teachers may appear greedy with their above average salaries, amazing benefits and extensive time off. Or, the flip side of the coin, if you are in a union you may feel furious that the government is taking away the teachers rights to collective bargaining and fear it could happen to you.

No matter how you view the current situation we should all be sure to push for the media to give us the facts and to actively seek out the information on our own. It’s the only way positive change can be made in this world. Informed citizens making intelligent arguments and educated decisions.

Bill 115– read it
Understand it.

But don’t stop there…,read,read! Educate yourselves people!


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