Portuguese Water Dogs -Fighting Couchpotatoism on the front lines

Want to lose weight? Get a Portuguese Water Dog. These dogs are so full of life and they won’t stand for laziness. Oh don’t get me wrong, they will happily cuddle for hours…..after a vigorous run. Gone will be your sluggish days laying around on the couch. No one can ignore the sad puppy eyes and big sighs which then progresses into whining and pacing and finally yips which translate to “What the hell! Get off the damn couch! Lets go, let’s go, let’s go!” These dogs are better than personal trainers! Unlike with a trainer you can’t fake a cough ,ignore their calls or go into the witness protection program to get out of a workout. So if your New Years resolutions included getting more active, I suggest getting a PWD to guarantee you meet your goals. Mine actually went into the front hall closet and brought me my coat. Pretty clear message there.

I apologize for the short post but apparently my lazy ass has sat for long enough.

20130107-112248.jpgsad eyes.

20130107-112258.jpg Edging to the door

20130107-112400.jpgWhat? Again?


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