I resolve to procrastinate!


Happy New Year! So what’s your resolution?

This is a sentiment repeated over and over last night and today. What change(s) are you making for the new year? Starting a diet? Getting serious about your career? Going back to school? Finally going to wax that unwanted hair that’s been keeping you from wearing that thong to the local pool? Well…..?

A better question would be, why now? Why wait until the new year to make the changes you know need to be made? Why put off what you know needs to be done until that fresh new calendar page? You could start eating healthy any day. You don’t need to wait until Monday much less January 1st. Your boss would be impressed with extra effort and dedication September 17th, 2012 not just the first week of 2013. Hell, the longer you let that hair grow before the waxing the more its going to hurt, so screw the new year, bend over and spread ’em now!

The oddest part of these declarations, sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, is the licence they seem to give people, to do the complete opposite for the days leading up to it,
I’m starting a diet January 2nd, so I will just eat this entire cheesecake now!
I am going to cut back on my drinking in the new year but tonight I will enjoy the three bottles of wine I brought to the party!
I am not going to text while driving in 2013 but tonight I will tweet my every move/thought/observation while weaving in and out of traffic.

I will be better……next year.


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