Speilling is impotant. Pleese pay attenshun to what yu post.

The other day in the car I accidentally said “runnin’.” I was irritated and quickly corrected myself. Yup, I am just that kind of freak. I then proceeded to tell my husband and son about the story I read about a contestant on Wheel of Fortune who knew the answer to the puzzle but was disqualified because she said “swimmin'” instead of swimming. Even though contestants are instructed beforehand that they must enunciate, she felt she was treated unfairly. There was talk of discrimination because of her accent. Huh? Since when is laziness justified due to region? Had I been in her shoes I would have been distraught but not because of perceived injustice, because I was an idiot.

I honestly feel like the Twitterverse has its own language and it isn’t one I speak. I have very little interest in this medium anyway but when I do venture in I am perplexed by the ridiculous things I see people posting for the world to see.


I can’t decipher this at all. Is it code? Klingon?

Facebook is another place to find some absolute gems. Beauties like:

pritty boring today at the funarul but got to hang out with ***** ******** and some other bu yeh thats pritty much it 🙂

This is straight copy and paste. I shit you not.

The part that astounds me is, each and every platform for social media has a spellcheck system built right in. When you misspell something a red squiggly line appears underneath the error. What do these people think that means? Do they believe it to be mere decoration? Are they wracking their brains trying to figure out how to personalize it? Turn it pink maybe? Do they just not care?

Obey the red, squiggly line people!



4 thoughts on “Speilling is impotant. Pleese pay attenshun to what yu post.

  1. Oh my gosh – THANK YOU. This is my pet peeve (one of them, anyway). I actually saw that “Wheel” episode – and thought the same thing – “Enunciate clearly, Darlin’, and you’d never have had the problem!”

    I am always taken aback when I receive papers from students doing a grade 11 or 12 English, and it looks like one of those indecipherable texts like you posted above. My (poor) daughter will spell and write correctly, I’ll tell you that!!


    • My oldest is always making sure to spell correctly and has inherited his mother’s quirks in that department.
      I worried about my grammar when writing this. I was waiting to be lambasted by someone far more educated. Thanks for your restraint Keri!

  2. Haha. Is that grammar error or grammatical error? Sorry, just had to be facetious. I used to drive a bus and one time these kids were sitting up front and I overhears one say to the other “how do you spell chaos?”. The second kid replied “K.. a.. o.. s”. I was appalled. I blame the internet!

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