Holiday Mantra

I can’t control everything.
I have no power in world events.
I am going to stumble and even fall down.

Depression is a reality and something that I have seen passed down through the generations like an evil heirloom. A satanic locket that each time you cast it aside it mysteriously returns to hang around your neck and drag you down. This I can’t control.

I can control-to some extent-how I react to these sad times.
I can tell myself, and choose to believe, that things will always get better no matter how bad they seem at the time.

This is how I am going to approach the new year. For right now I am focusing on the love of my family and the fact that there is peace in my home.

Parenting teenagers is trying at times. Devastating and defeating at others. This is not a new or original story and I am not alone. I have great kids and they will struggle from time to time in the age old battle of transitioning from child to adult. I have to accept that this is outside my control and do my best to help them through it even when I am struggling as well.

For the holidays I will allow myself happiness. I will try not to worry about what may come.
I will try not to cry over the sweet little ones who were taken so brutally in Newton.
I will not read anymore about gun violence or violence of any kind for now. It isn’t that I don’t care, it isn’t that I want to pretend it isn’t happening. It’s just that I want to enjoy the good in life, even for a short while, because I think that if you don’t stop and appreciate the happy times you will never get through the bad.

So, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. Happy holidays to everyone celebrating something. Mostly I wish for everyone to have something good and happy in their lives that,for even a short time, can be the main focus of your day. I wish for happiness you can take with you through the dark moments.

20121224-203648.jpg FAMILY!
Cookies made by my son!


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