You are so f@&#ed up


“If we got into a car accident right now people would see my house! They would see how messy it is!”

That is the panic filled thought that ran through my mind while driving into town the other night with my husband and son. Suddenly the dishes I left in the sink, the laundry I hadn’t done,my unmade bed and who knows how many cobwebs were flashing through my mind like a horror movie. “I’ve been busy! I’ve been sick! Uggghghhhh. Please let me get home safe and I will never leave it like that again!”

My oldest was home and all I could think was the poor kid would have to see people shaking their heads in disgust. Not to mention the things I would never want anyone to find…….uh, personal stuff. What? We have a healthy marriage, so what. Don’t you judge me! Moving on.

Today my friend comments that she has never heard someone remark at a funeral that the deceased kept a clean house, so why do we worry. I told her about my morbid thoughts from the other day. Her response…..

With the eloquence of a true friend. ” You are so f@&#ed up. You worried about people judging you for having a messy house when you are dead. You are so f@&#ed up. Write a blog about that.”



2 thoughts on “You are so f@&#ed up

  1. Your posts always make me laugh! But you really are f@&#ed up.. I hope tomorrow night when I come to your house that your dishes are still in the sink and you can relax knowing that your friends don’t give a s@%t.

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