Who does a girl have to bang to get a comment around here


I have been wracking my brain trying to decided what to blog about. I cant bear to write about senseless death and gun control today. I have nothing to rant about. Well there is always the “joy” of having teenagers but that is a little raw right now. I could bitch about this wonderful cold I am rocking with a throat that feels like its had a thorough sanding before a new paint job and how the right side of my nose appears to have gone on strike. Of course you don’t care about that! I can just see the eye rolls and hear the “wah, wah, wahs.” Let’s be honest, unless my spleen crawls out of my left ear and opens a lemonade stand, my health issues are not going to interest you. Or me for that matter.

Then it hit me…..why am I writing for someone else? Why am I thinking about what everyone else would like? Hmmmmm…..look at that. My neurosis reared its sad little head. I’m a people pleaser. This blog was supposed to be MY therapy, MY voice! MY outlet, yet here I find myself trying to come up with ideas to interest others.

I realized the core of this problem is the lack of comments on my posts. I read other blogs and some of them have hundreds of comments. One very simple post asked the question “Real or Fake?” regarding Christmas trees and her comment section blew up! Not just one word answers either. Detailed explanations on their choices. What the hell?

I put a lot if thought into my posts. I put a lot of heart into my posts and to be honest I crave conversation. I thrive on debate. Argue with me damn it! I welcome intelligent discussion.

I will moderate, I’m not going to bullshit you. I’m not going to block opinions that differ from mine but I will trash any bullying or threats. If you are interested in tearing me or anyone else down than find somewhere else to do it because on my blog your nastiness will get as much attention as a fart in a tornado.

A meeting of minds can change the world. A spirited tête-à-tête can invigorate! My tag line says,
“Like it or not, let’s get the conversation started”, that is the spirit of my blog. So c’mon people, speak up!


4 thoughts on “Who does a girl have to bang to get a comment around here

  1. Once you start “blowing up” then you will have the follower base you need to gain many comments on every post. Just keep the attitude you have & stay with your sense of humor (I like the way you write like we’re all old friends) & i bet the comments will start rolling in. Also, come up with more attention grabbing titles like the one you used here & I’m sure they wont stay away. Good luck!

    • Thanks again! It’s funny that you put it that way because when I write I feel like I’m talking to close friends. I love that it comes through. Titles are not my strong suit; I even hate the name of my blog! I really appreciate your input and the fact that you took the time to read my blog.

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