A sad day

I was going to do a slightly more intellectual post after my narcissistic rant from yesterday but all I can focus on is the news about the horrific shooting in Connecticut.

How can this happen? How does it continue to happen? College students, high school students and now sweet , innocent Elementary students. Surely the fastest route to the downfall of any society is to destroy its youth. I’m not so naive as to be unaware of the abuse and horror inflicted on children everyday but this senseless killing is still shocking because it didn’t happen in a war torn area or a severely impoverished nation. It happened in middle class America. Someone looked at those innocent little faces and took their lives from them -violently. What could any of those children have ever done to deserve such viciousness. Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I am too saddened to even begin a rant about gun laws.

My thoughts are with the families suffering this cruel and unnecessary loss today. My heart goes out to them.



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