Dear Santa, I’d like a housekee……..therapy.


For about 10 years now I have been “hinting” that I would like my husband to get me housecleaning services for Christmas or my birthday. It hasn’t happened. Why? You might ask, is my hubby a mean and neglectful man totally oblivious of my needs? Uh, nope. That actually couldn’t be farther from the truth. So I asked him and he had the nerve to be honest. “Apparently” its because he knows it would stress me out more because I would insist on cleaning before the cleaners came! Ha! How little well he knows me. Damn it! I want to say it isn’t true. I want to believe it isn’t but I am painfully aware that I am just that kind of freak. I abhor housework but I detest a dirty house. A housekeeper would seem the ideal solution. You’d think. Sadly though I would run around like a maniac cleaning before and would cringe and worry for the duration. No, I wouldn’t worry that something was being stolen except maybe my dignity. When I view my house on a day to day basis I feel pretty good about it but the minute an unexpected guest arrives I see it as straight out of an episode of hoarders.
Would it be odd to follow the housekeeper around apologizing and explaining?


6 thoughts on “Dear Santa, I’d like a housekee……..therapy.

  1. My wife is the same way. If she could get Christmas out of the way back in October she would. She stresses too much. That’s where I come in to do all the last minute dirty work (cleaning, decorating, wrappinp) to allow her to ‘get in the mood’ …for Christmas that is πŸ™‚ We had a house cleaner and like you she was embarrassed to what the girl walked into. We were so time constricted we had a dog do-do backyard service monthly. Now, to me, that was luxury! Happy Holidays. I hope Santa is listening…

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