What the hell…..?


When I first started this blog I made a list of post ideas which I have continuously added to. A couple of days ago a social media story gave me another idea and when I went to add it to the list I realized this issue covered a few of my possible blog topics. Subjects such as bullying, internet bravado, comedy or offensive and racism. The inspiration for all of this came from a “Twitter war” that has gained national attention because it involves two celebrities. A comedienne, Jenny Johnson- I know right? Who?- and douchebag extraordinaire Chris Brown.

Now I have no interest in pulling punches(oops) when in comes to Brown. I’m all for second chances when a person shows legitimate remorse and the ability to make amends and learn from their mistakes. However this young man has talent and a fan base telling him it was no big deal and he was treated unfairly and he believes it. Therefore he has never learned his lesson nor been humbled by it. He gets angry and violent whenever reminded of his hideous actions. Like the world should just forget the fact that he viciously beat a woman just because he did some community service. He never had to hit rock bottom and face the consequences of his actions so pardon me if I doubt his claim that he is a changed man. Are you starting to see why this blog is titled Rantings……?

On with the story. So, this comedienne Johnson feels pretty much like I do about Brown and she has no intention of keeping it to herself. She takes to twitter and for quite some time now has sent nasty barbs Brown’s way with virtually no response from him. That all changed the other day when he unleashed what The View’s Elizabeth Hasselbeck referred to as “verbal rape” on Johnson. Look below to see what warrants that definition. To sum it up it is nasty, vile and disturbing. The question seems to be though, did she ask for it. My answer is, no. She definitely poked the bear one too many times and its not surprising he finally let loose on her but the level of degradation is staggering. The fact that he would even say things like that are a true window to his character. He could have ignored her. He could have blocked her. He could have appealed to her to try and see that he’s changed. Instead he lowered his guard and revealed his true colours.

The part that I find the most disturbing is the reaction of his followers. After Brown closed down his Twitter account these young, delusional fans lost their minds. The wailed like he had died. The proclaimed it the end of the world and most disturbing they called out for someone to kill Jenny Johnson. Yep, kill her. Let me reiterate, Brown isn’t dead, is still making music and is active on other social media sites but Johnson should be killed because his Twitter was shut down. Interesting take on the situation wouldn’t you say. What gets me is these illiterate, pathetic kids are committing a crime for the whole world to see. You can not issue a death threat idiots! Yet, there seems to be no one willing to show these knuckleheads the error of their ways. No one to hold any of them accountable. No one to teach them grammar! No one to tell them that dick is not the solution to every problem or that a word without vowels is not a word in the English language.

The cries of “racist!” are interesting too. Do they mean to imply that white men are allowed to brutalize women without suffering public outrage? If Justin Bieber took a few rounds out of Selena would society say ,just serve some homeless a bowl of soup and all is forgiven? Um, nope. Brown is being judged by his actions, his repeated actions. Not the colour of his skin. No one is to blame but him. Mel Gibbson takes a ton of flack for being an abusive, racist, ass. I’m pretty sure his drivers license has the “Caucasian”box clearly checked.

How is it that so many young women see nothing wrong with what Brown did and even go so far as to proclaim he could beat their ass if he wants because he’s hot. -I paraphrase here so that its recognizable English.- If placed in this situation would they really let a man come back after a vicious assault just because he looks sexy in his saggy jeans? How and when did young girls get this mentality? Where have we failed as a society?

A stupid war of words but it embodies so many of the problems in our culture today. I wonder if Johnson had any clue what was behind it when she kicked open door number two. – yes a shameless pun on Brown’s tweet. Deal with it.





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