More on Trudeau. No, that isn’t a typo.

So, after taking some time to read up on Justin Trudeau I am understanding the Tories panic a little more.

Mr. Trudeau, when he speaks, makes it hard to not listen or to look away. I’m not just referring to his good looks which he got from his mother or the charm which he got from his father, but of his enthusiasm. He really loves this country! I can certainly find no fault in that. He has such big ideas and no fear whatsoever. He’s like a little kid who’s never had a bad fall. He definitely has no intention of getting into office and then coasting. He wants to make some moves, shake things up, change our course in history! I’m exhausted just hearing how much effort he wants to put into bringing our country to its full glory. I applaud his exuberance, I really do. I think his insistence on more openness and honesty from our federal government is exactly what we need here. The secretive, sneaky nature of the Harper leadership has really brought us, as a nation into some dark times. How can we trust our Prime Minister when everything is behind locked doors.

I like that when Justin Trudeau makes a misstep, says the wrong thing or at least opens himself up to being taken out of context, he faces it head on. He admits when he says something stupid and then does his best to clarify his meaning. He fully admits that by being an open book and still relatively green in regards to political savvy he is going to make mistakes and he has a lot to learn. At least he can learn from his errors, grow and move forward.

His ideas I like. His policies, I need to do more research on. So far, he has peaked my interest though.


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