Is Justin Trudeau the future?


I don’t know but he sure has the attention of the Conservatives. Calling up two year old quotes and poking at the old Quebec vs Western Canada wound seems to indicate they have something to fear. What do they see that has them doing some preemptive dirty work?

The comment in the headlines, accompanied by pictures and short video clips showing Trudeau rocking a beaut of a 70’s pornstache is this, “Canada is struggling right now because Albertans are controlling the … social democratic agenda,” Woah there, did he just say that? The answer is no. He didn’t just say it.Two years ago he said it. Was it stupid? Yes. Is it relevant now? Maybe. Does he still view things this way. Does he really have an issue with Alberta? Does he favour Francophones ?  I really don’t know. Honestly he really hasn’t been on my radar until recently so I have no idea. Yet. Now however, I am going to pay more attention and that could be exactly what the Conservative party didn’t want people to do,take an interest in Trudeau. Stay tuned, I feel an good rant coming on.


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