Famous Canadian faces!

Ok, in my little world it is common knowledge that I am fiercely proud to be Canadian. Whenever my family sits down to watch a movie or t.v. show I can not help but point out who on the screen is Canadian. I am so bad that I will even mention if someone married a Canadian or once visited Canada. Alright the visit bit is an exaggeration……barely.

So, since this is MY blog and I can do what I want- nah, nah, nah..nah nah!- I am going to start pointing out famous Canuks on t.v, in the news and in movies. If you could see me right now you would laugh at the sheer joy on my face and the way I am wiggling with excitement. Yep, I am a geek.

Just a little heads up, the depth of these little biographies will depend on my mood the day I post them.

So today’s Canadian is……….. Kristin Kreuk!

This gorgeous girl who is currently starring in Beauty and the Beast on the CW was born December 30 1982 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her father, Peter Kreuk, is of Dutch descent; her mother, Deanna Che, is of Chinese descent, but was born in Indonesia. Both are landscape artists.

She had a neat start in 2000 after a casting director sent a fax to all the high schools in British Columbia looking for an ” exotic” looking girl, Kristin landed the role of Laurel Yeung on the t.v. show Edgemont. A teen drama that aired on CBC Canada.

Then in 2001 she landed the role of Lana Lang on the show Smallville, a show my hubby was obsessed with. This was the role that brought her to fame. The show was insanely popular and ran for 10 years.This part helped her get on men’s magazines Hot 100 lists, which I’m sure was a lifelong dream(eye roll). She left her full time role on the show in 2008 and returned for guest appearances for the next 3 years. I know the story says Lois was the one but Kristin’s Lana should have ended up with the man of steel in my opinion!

In 2009, Kristin signed on for a multi-episode part in season three of Chuck. She played Hannah, a computer troubleshooter who joins the Buy More Nerd Herd after being laid off from her previous job. – Never watched the show.

In 2010, she portrayed Ben Hur’s sister Tirzah in the TV movie Ben Hur, which aired in Canada and later on ABC in the United States.

Kreuk was involved with two pilots that did not get picked up: an NBC 2010 sitcom entitled Hitched (which was co-created by Josh Schwartz, who was also the creator of Chuck) and a 2011 CBS drama series called 17th Precinct. -No sense adding links.

In February 2012, Kreuk was announced as the lead female character in The CW’s reboot of Beauty and the Beast, which was picked up on May 11, 2012, and started airing in Fall 2012. I haven’t watched this yet but it looks pretty good. I may have to PVR this one.

She has done a few films but nothing I really recognize. Eurotrip, Dream Princess, Partition, Street Fighter: the legend of Chun-Li, Vampire, Irving Welsh’s Ecstasy and Space Milkshake…..uh yeah. I really don’t feel like adding links here. Google away if you feel the need.

One of the coolest pieces of info I came across on Kristin is that she formed “Girls By Design” with Smallville producer Kendra Voth, an “online social network and content creation site for teen girls ages 12-17, with the intent to build self-esteem, self-expression and encourage young women to create themselves and their lives in an introspective and passionate manner.” Here is a link to the press booklet for more information.

My favourite fact about her is, of course, that she still lives in Canada! Yay!!


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