Why do Canadians care about American politics?


Today is election day in the United States and I am noticing just how many of my Canadian friends seem to feel strongly about the outcome. I ,myself ,experience a strange feeling of dread whenever I think of Romney as the leader of the closest country to us. I cringe whenever I think of the damage that man can do. Having said that, I have to wonder , how important is it for Canadians to pay attention to the U.S and their elections? I don’t mean, is there any fallout for Canada, I know there can be for sure. What I want to know, is there any point in worrying about it. Could our country’s opinion carry any weight with the Americans? When we are posting our concerns on Facebook or twitter for our friends to the south to see ,do they even care or do they feel put out by us voicing our views about their politicians? What is more of an insult, the fact that we follow what is happening with them or the fact that they are generally completely oblivious and unconcerned with us and what is happening here?

Update- .here is a link to a TMZ posting containing a letter sent to them by an actress named Stacy Dash who is a Republican. The letter is very well written and thoughtful. She makes a real effort to explain herself without tearing anyone down and I applaud her for it. However the comments below on the posting by TMZ and their readers are ridiculous. It could be asked “what did I expect”, but I still find myself disgusted
Stacy Dash reaches out to TMZ


7 thoughts on “Why do Canadians care about American politics?

  1. I think the reason your interested in what’s going on down here, is that most everything we do affects your economy.Think about how many jobs in Canada are directly affected by our economy. Think about how many companies in Canada originated in the U.S., minus one filter company. That’s another blog for another time. The very reason is true for the opposite. I’m not aware of any companies down here that are Canadian born, that drive our economy. This is why countries all over the world were watching our election. We are the social welfare system for the world, weather you or we like it or not. A lot of us down here would like to get out of that business, but could you imagine if we only took care of ourselves… No more money to anybody, but Americans in America. There would be your start of WWIII.

  2. Actually, myself, and a great many Canadians have made a real effort to back Canadian businesses over American. Unfortunately our government of late continues to allow these big American companies to come in and bulldoze through our homegrown businesses. Industry giants like Walmart and Target have been able to come in and edge out Zellers and other true Canadian companies. The Conservatives in power are more concerned with big business instead of pride in our own and supporting the companies built off of the sweat of born and raised Canadians. A great deal of us would support a little more separation from the U.S companies and would like to focus on our own successes.
    Canada has such an abundance of natural resources and some of the most brilliant business minds in the world, we would could survive just fine on our own. It is only our current government that is more concerned with lining there own pockets that keep us feeling reliant on other countries. I could rant for hours on the changes here that need to be made. It would be nice to stand up and show the U.S that we are not your pathetic cousins to the north but a powerful self sustaining force to be reckoned with.
    Maybe then the relationship between our two countries, which I have seen disintegrate over my 38 years, could become one of mutual respect and camaraderie like it should be.

    • As you know, and I’ve said it before you should support your local companies with your money. The free market place will always dictate which way or decide the direction of commerce. If Canadians decide to support their neighborhood companies the big American companies will either move or close their doors. In my opinion that just makes sense. It’s silly that I can be competitive here in Florida with some filters in Canada. Your tax rate, fuel costs and insurance rates are putting your companies at a huge disadvantage. This gives the big companies with the deep coffers the advantage from the start.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. If our government would step in and actually enforce the laws regarding gouging the insurance companies and gas companies wouldn’t be able to charge what they do. Or, we stop importing oil from other countries and use the unbelievable resources we have. Of course that opens up an environmental discussion but our government could be using some of the taxes they drain our families with to look into becoming less reliant on oil! Phew! Need to breathe here.

    • Every country needs oil! We can make our vehicles more efficient grant it. Industry and mass unemployment would happen if you didn’t drill for oil. Canada is going to have to stop listening to the “do gooders” as my buddy up there calls them, and drill baby. You’ve got natural resources just as we do. The folks in the Middle East & South America are not the only ones with this commodity. This is where both countries are falling short for their citizens

      • Yes, right now every country needs oil but there are other options and to remove the dependency on the Middle East we need to explore them. Oil is a non renewable resource shouldn’t we figure out another option before its gone? One that can make every country self reliant and prosperous.

      • Agreed, but in the mean time, let’s not cut our noses off to spite our face. Drill now use the technology we have, develop new and convert in a sensible, cost effective way. Not like what Obama tried with trillions of our tax dollars in the stimulus plan. We have a ridiculously old electrical grid that needs modernization, bridges, roads and sewers that only get repaired as they break. Common sense would go along way. I understand he had to pay off the folks that contributed to his first campaign, but I’m tired of seeing people out of work and throwing money at pipe dreams.

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