Natural Remedies


So, as I age I’m finding myself experiencing issues that I never had when I was younger which is pretty much par for the course. However I have become much more aware of how many natural remedies, natural cures, detoxifying cleanses and such that are recommended on the Internet. More to the point I am finding myself much more interested in experimenting with these ideas to try to alleviate the signs of aging. I’m not saying I’m looking for something to make me 19 again or even something that makes me look 19 again, though, I wouldn’t mind feeling 19 again!

For the most part I think I’m aging pretty well I’m only 38 after all and I don’t have any wrinkles , I don’t have gray hair, and while I do have a bit of extra weight that I wouldn’t mind getting rid of I feel physically able to do something about it. However, finding myself much more tired than I ever did before, issues with the pipes and hormone horrors are things that make my life miserable at times.
When dealing with physical issues the Internet can be your best friend or your worst enemy. I’m constantly googling symptoms to see what it could be and what I can do about it but I find I usually come away much more concerned than I was before I checked every site that came up.
So instead of constantly running to the doctor, I decided to start looking into more natural remedies. Things like oil pulling, detoxing, flushes, and special diets are all over the Internet. The part that concerns me though is on one site people will be raving about, say, oil pulling, and the amazing results they’ve had with it and encouraging everyone to give it a try and then the next site you look at will be saying how dangerous it can be for you and talking about people having these horrible side effects from doing it. How can we ever trust what we read on the Internet? I actually posted the question on a site regarding the issue , saying that there’s so much conflicting information out there how can we ever know if it’s safe to try these things. The answers I got back were unbelievable. Some people were saying natural is the only way to go and that you can trust it if it’s natural and others were saying you should go to your doctor before trying anything and others would attack saying doctors will try to talk you out of holistic because you are taking money out of their pockets.
So who do we believe? Should we just try the natural and see what it gets us or are we putting ourselves in danger by fooling around with things we don’t understand?

I say utilize all the tools in your toolbox. Research on the net; talk to friends, family, random strangers and most importantly your doctor. Then once you’ve gotten all of the feedback you feel you need to make a decision then go forward. We can never really have too much knowledge. Natural, in my opinion, is preferable but only if used correctly and effectively.  Obviously if a kale smoothie had the same exact effect and benefits as taking an anti-depressant (  which it doesn’t ) you would of course opt for the smoothie over the pharmaceutical. But just like that example you can’t expect to take something that though it is undeniably healthy will completely replace the wonders of modern science. I believe neither should be your exclusive method to wellness.  We all need the yin with yang.


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