Bus driver uppercuts female passenger

Click here to watch a very disturbing NSFW video- Get off my bus

This video caught my attention today and I have to say it really shook me up. It shows an altercation between a public transit bus driver and a female passenger which escalates to some serious violence.The actions of the driver are shocking but the woman choked, spit on, punched and cursed at the driver for a full 10 minutes while he was driving before the video even starts apparently. The punch is shocking and I think uncalled for but that woman was out of control and should be in jail.I would never back anyone hitting anyone but this woman clearly felt she could abuse this man and suffer no repercussions. I do not think he should have hit her the way he did. She had backed away and it wasn’t self defense but she should definitely be held accountable. She put the whole bus load of people at risk. The driver obviously reached his breaking point and it is her fault. However, we can all feel like punching someone but unless you have no other recourse you don’t.

Sadly this seems to be the mindset of a lot of people. They feel they can do or say whatever they want and there is nothing anyone can do about it. As this woman found out, there is something that can be done. Whether it should be done or not is the question.


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