Is it safe to send our kids to school anymore?

I was shocked to hear an argument in class escalated to a brutal beating in a local high school. Two boys apparently exchanged words in class and once outside their school mates encouraged them to fight. Time old story to this point. However one boy is said to not have wanted to fight and never landed a punch. In return he suffered a severe beating and was left lying unconscious outside. Rumours are flying that he has broken ribs, a broken wrist, a broken leg, missing teeth and a severe concussion. Of course, this is all gossip for now but one thing is certain, the boy was badly hurt.
What I want to know is where was the supervision? No staff anywhere? Why didn’t one of the other students stop it? Are they so desensitized that seeing someone being assaulted this seriously didn’t upset them and trigger them to react and stop it? I’ve been told the boy who was attacked is a really nice kid so what fuelled the rage used against him?
Most importantly, where does it go from here? Obviously the boys who injured him will be charged. Will he be properly punished though and will he receive treatment to get to the root of such intense anger. Can he ever go back to that school? From the rumblings I have heard there are a lot of kids furious and looking to enact revenge. This will probably be a life altering event for these kids. Or…..will it all just be shrugged off? I don’t know what’s worse.
It makes me so worried for my own kids. A school yard fight is no longer two kids exchanging a few punches and shoves and moving on. Now you need to worry about serious injury and sometimes assault with weapons. I know I can’t make my kids live in a bubble but watching them head out the door in the mornings can be terrifying if you think about it too much.
Where is the solution to this increasingly common story? How can we protect our children?

Update -Apparently the boy’s injuries were not as severe as initially thought. Thank goodness. Unfortunately it doesn’t take away from the viciousness of the assault or the underlying problem.



2 thoughts on “Is it safe to send our kids to school anymore?

  1. First off I feel for the student that got beaten. I really don’t understand how something like a argument could get to the point of a full blown beating to where a student got badly beaten. It is so sad that the students who did the beating could not stop themselves and see what they were doing not only to another student but themselves also. This will follow them for sometime one way or another. I know someone who works at that school. She told me that this school is the state of the art and has all the bells and whistles. She also went on to tell me that there are camera’s everywhere so when someone is doing something wrong the principal will know about it right away and will know who did it. I think they know who did it even without the cameras but something like having those securities around should have prevented this situation from escalating to the point where it did. For the student who got beaten the broken bones will heal the concussion will eventually go away but the emotional part of the attack will always be there. I hope the book will be thrown at those kids who decided to take things into there own matter but unfortunately that may not happen….and that is the sad part. What lesson did these kids learn from this???? We have come along way with bullying but there are still many changes to be made!!!

    • From all reports it was just one student doing the beating but there were others who stood by and either did nothing or egged it on. To me, they are equally to blame. How they could see someone being hurt that badly and not have helped him really bothers me.

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