Halloween age limit

So, last night was Halloween. A night for kids to dress up in fun costumes and go out with their friends and collect treats. It’s a treasured childhood memory for a lot of people and yet they are so quick to snatch it away from kids today. First there are the people choosing not to hand out goodies. Buzz kills for sure but it’s their prerogative. The people that bother me more are the ones giving teenagers grief for being out there. I mean really, if they aren’t causing trouble and are respectful what’s the big deal? Youth is so fleeting why do we have to force them to give up these simple pleasures. We are faced with a generation that is increasingly isolated behind their cell phones and laptop screens so I think if they are out in the fresh air collecting candy cut them some slack. I mean outside picking apples would be a much better option but let’s take what we can get. Especially if the have taken the time and used some creativity to construct a costume. Much better than designing an alter ego in some video game. My fourteen year old son went out last night and I was disheartened to hear his story about one particularly nasty fellow who berated him and his friends and then made a point of breaking a candy in two and tossing it at them. Was that really necessary? It’s not like they were asking for the keys to his car for a joyride. If he didn’t want to give them candy so be it, but the nastiness was completely unneeded.
What was the harm done by the kids? When should they stop trick or treating?
A few years ago my 80 year old Nan who could easily pass for 60 decided to put on a mask and go and get herself some treats! Everyone said she was spunky and adorable! I would have like to see the mean guys face if she had come to his door. Had he thrown a broken candy at her the public outcry would have been fierce. It wouldn’t have been needed though because she would have thrown that candy right back!



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